An important message from Preservice President Jessica Quijano


There are many words to describe the Preservice Program; however this year three will define us:

Share. Care. Prevail.

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My first experience with NEA-SP SLC

by Daniela Ceballos, Rutgers University

This isn’t even all of the pins that you can get, these are only 31 of the pins.

This was my first year attending the National Education Association’s Student Leadership Conference and it was held in Boston, Massachusetts. I had the privilege of attending this conference along with 14 other preservice members from our state as well as aspiring educators from all over the country. Since this was my very first time attending this conference, I thought I would share some of the highlights of my trip as well as some tips that I learned along the way. Continue reading “My first experience with NEA-SP SLC”

June Ambassador Highlight: Daniela Ceballos, State Secretary

IMG_6396INTERVIEWER: You were new to NJSEA this past academic year. What made you want to join?
DANIELA CEBALLOS: One of my professors at Middlesex County College told me about NJSEA, and I wanted to belong to a group with people that shared my interests.
My professor also mentioned all of the benefits that would be available to me, like Professional Development hours. I really wanted to feel like part of something important, and my time with NJSEA so far has been great.
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Meet Your New Officers for the 2017 – 2018 Academic Year

At this year’s NJSEA Leadership Matters Conference, the nomination of new officers took place. Unanimously, the positions for President, Vice President, and Secretary were decided.This coming summer, Jessica Quijano will move from her current position as Vice President to State President, and Anthony Elia will move up from Secretary to Vice President. A new ambassador and dedicated educator, Daniela Ceballos will become the new state Secretary. Continue reading “Meet Your New Officers for the 2017 – 2018 Academic Year”