FDU Students on Why They Want to Teach

I want to teach because I had wonderful teachers throughout my educational career. I want to give back, as my teachers did. I want to help my future students to achieve their dreams. I am involved in the union because it is a way to further my education on how to be an effective teacher. I am able to meet new people and learn about other people’s experiences.
-Cierra, Fairleigh Dickinson University

One of the main reasons for wanting to teach is the incredible feeling of taking a leap of faith in others as you teach and grow with them. I always knew that I wanted to help people become better and lead them to success. However, teaching was never on my list. At first I was too focused on the salary instead of the passion and love of doing a job. It was difficult and at times frightening for me to want to go into education. I never saw it as an option, because I was too busy thinking about the monetary worth of teaching. 
Fortunately, I had my sister and many other supporters help me realize that I would be working for a long time and that I should pick something that I loved to do no matter the income. That’s when the spark went off and I could think of no better job than to teach. I didn’t realize this before, but I have the ability to empathize with people and build a deep connection with them, which to me is important when it comes to teaching. I enjoy helping others understand whatever they are struggling with and see that “aha” moment. What’s more, I want to be a teacher leader and learn to work with my coworkers to improve the school system and learn from my students. I want to challenge people to do better, and be better. I know that I will make a positive change in this field. Whether this is to many students or just one, I have no doubt that that there will be growth involved.
-Vildana, Fairleigh Dickinson University


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