January Spotlight! Meet Our Leaders: Megan Namnama

Stay tuned for this month’s NJSEA spotlight, Megan Namnama, who serves as a member of the NEA Advisory Committee, NJSEA Political Action Chair, and the Founding President of NJSEA at Montclair State University. Within this past month, Namnama has declared her candidacy for NEA Student Program Chairperson. Come summer, she will attend the NEA Summer Leadership Conference in Washington D.C. as a member of the NEA Advisory Committee, a representative of NJSEA, and a candidate for the Chairperson position. If elected, she will represent thousands of pre-service educators across the country for two years. Read below for more on what Namnama’s NJSEA colleagues have to say regarding this new prospect, and stay tuned for the interview. 

“Megan epitomizes every aspect of the NJSEA mantra– Leadership Matters!”
–Marguerite Schroeder, NJSEA Staff Contact

“Megan is a passionate and dedicated leader who I have had the pleasure to work with the last two years.  She is a strong and positive presence within NJSEA and has a powerful internal drive to work toward the betterment of education.  Her desire to achieve is motivating and has inspired all who have had the pleasure to meet her.  On top of her educational achievements, Megan is a wonderful person to just talk to and have fun with.  She has a captivatingly positive personality and a large heart.”
–Hannah Pawlak, NJSEA State President

“Megan, as an NJSEA member and leader, is one of the most dedicated people I know. Her passion for education and politics is inspiring to all around her. There is no better fit for the NEA SP chair than Megan, and I look forward to supporting her further as she runs her campaign and future leadership positions. I, along with the rest of the NJSEA, wish her well.”
–Ellen Bacon, NJSEA State Secretary

“Getting to know Megan over the last few years has been a true pleasure.  I could not imagine a better person to represent the pre-service educators of America.  She is a strong and passionate advocate in everything she does.  I know that she has our vision and purpose in mind and will work hard to ensure that the pre-service voice is heard!”
– Ellen Bonitatibus, NJSEA Local Outreach Chair

“Megan Namnama is the epitome of leadership. Hardworking, dedicated, energetic…these are all words that come to mind when thinking about who she is. Since the day I met her, she has made an impact on me and my view of what it means to be a leader and give back to your community. The dedication she brings forth into all her endeavors is highly admirable. Working with her is a privilege. No matter what she is doing, she always gives everything 110%. I’ve got to say, seeing how passionate she is about educational aspirations, as well as her political aspirations, is always inspiring. She takes on everything she does with dignity and grace, and always strives to be compassionate, understanding, and helpful. Knowing the person that she is, and how strong her character is, I know that Megan would be the perfect NEA SP Chairperson. Her heart and soul are poured into everything she does, and this would be no different.”
–Nadia Efa, NJSEA Ambassador at Montclair State University

“Driven. Passionate. Determined. Megan continues to model the highest standards of integrity, energy, and outstanding leadership as a voice for future educators and an advocate for the well-being of students across New Jersey and the nation. I’m proud to call her my colleague in public education, as well as my friend.”
–Victoria Hilario, NJSEA Social Media Chair

 “Megan is a great leader. She exhibits all of the pillars of NEA-SP. Megan is always thinking of others and how she can help them, and takes steps to do so.”
–Samantha Selikoff, NJSEA NJEA Relations Chair

“I knew that Megan would be a great leader from the moment we met. Testament to this is her ability to lead as a wonderful State Ambassador. She is able to organize other leaders, as evidenced by her enthusiastic lobbying efforts and the formation of a new chapter at Montclair State University.”
–Melany Reyes, President of NJSEA at Farleigh Dickinson University- Metropolitan Campus

“Megan is one of the most dedicated pre-service educators I have met through NJSEA. She is passionate about her future students and peers. She has been such an asset to NJSEA and has taught all of us so much about political action! Megan would be an amazing choice for NEA SP Chairperson, and she completely deserves it. This position requires passion for the field, and Megan has it!”
​–Mariah Belber, NJSEA Ambassador at The College of New Jersey


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