A Professor Stops you and Asks you Why you are Involved with NJSEA. What do you Tell that Professor?

Written by our new NJSEA Ambassadors!

“I would tell him or her that NJSEA is more than just a group of pre-service teachers who are hoping to get a job following graduation from college. NJSEA is composed of students whose dream is to be successful educators someday and who care not only about their future but about the futures of every single one of the students that they do not even have yet. NJSEA is about making yourself better and connecting with others that will best help you to achieve this goal. These individuals allow you to develop the skills and tools that are necessary to be an effective, compassionate, intelligent and over all well-rounded teacher. To be able to be part of such an organization is amazing and something I am truly grateful to say I am a member of. NJSEA has given me the opportunity to become an influential, passionate individual whose ultimate goal is to be a leader in my desired field of teaching. That is why I am involved.” -Cassidy Burns, Seton Hall University

“Being involved with NJSEA is very important to me because I am dedicated to my future career and the education of students in New Jersey.  With these experiences, I plan to widen my perspectives and deepen my understanding on how to be the best public school educator I can be.  I also am looking for many chances to network with pre service teachers like myself.  NJSEA is like a support group as we are all going through the same experiences of becoming a teacher such as, passing praxis exams, student teaching, and getting extra certifications, while passing all our required college coursework with the highest GPA we can reach.”  -Danielle Curry, Montclair State University

“NJSEA aids in creating a new image for pre service teachers- who want to better the lives of their students and create volunteer events to help the community. I want to help my community to be aware that as future Educators we can make a difference.” -Kierstin Molnaur, Rider University

“I would tell that professor that NJSEA is a club that provides professional development, political action, many opportunities to volunteer and network, as well as community builders.  NJSEA is a great resume builder for future teachers and other students.  I always wanted to be a part of something bigger, and NJSEA allows me to do that because it is a part of a hierarchy with NJEA and NEA.” -Mariane Herte, Fairleigh Dickinson University- Florham 


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