What has being an NJSEA Ambassador done for you?


Ambassadors share on the amazing opportunities that NJSEA has provided them with!

“Being an ambassador has provided me opportunity to network with other preservice and full-time educators throughout New Jersey and see things from different perspectives, which has helped me become more knowledgeable about classroom practices and policies. It has allowed me so many opportunities, such as attending the NEA-SLC in D.C., that aren’t offered in regular college of education courses.” – Morgan Ivich Seton Hall University

img_6598​”Being an ambassador over the past two years offered me many professional development opportunities, and the professional development I received through NJSEA gave me the confidence and skills I needed to enter my first classroom. I would recommend the ambassador position to any preservice educator looking to better his/herself and the profession.” – Ellen Bonitatibus, Rowan University

img_6599“Being an ambassador is one of the best things that happened for my professional development. I was able to become a stronger voice on my campus and foster my own leadership skills. Now I am the president of the NJSEA state-wide and on my campus, I could not ask for anything better than continuing to grow as an educator and working along passionate preservice members. Without having been an ambassador, I would not have had the workshops and conference experiences, particularly the ones offered to full-time members, which continue to make me a better teacher.” – Ellen Bacon, Seton Hall University

“Being an ambassador and an active member of NJSEA has been an incredible and irreplaceable part of my learning and growth during my first year of college. I had the opportunity to attend several preservice workshops that have sparked my interest and increased my knowledge on various educational topics. Additionally, I have met many extraordinary future educators, and I’ve greatly enjoyed discussing our shared passion. It is important to lifelong learning as a teacher, and being an ambassador not only allows for but also encourages personal growth.” – Amanda Rebelo, Seton Hall University

“Being an ambassador exposed me to opportunities and responsibilities I wouldn’t have known about otherwise. I have gained professional confidence and a network of colleagues throughout the past two years. Over the years, the fellow peers and teachers I have worked alongside of have greatly impacted my professional awareness, and I hope to continue making an impact in their professional growth as I continue working with NJSEA, as well.” – Courtney Earnest, Rider University

“Being an ambassador has given me so many amazing opportunities that I otherwise wouldn’t have had. I’ve been able to attend various professional development events with other like-minded preservice educators and made connections with both preservice and full time members. Through events and networking, NJSEA has also given me countless new tools for my educational toolbox, allowing me to grow as an educator, learner, and activist.” – Kalie Mehaffy, The College of New Jersey

“Being an ambassador for NJSEA has provided me the chance to network, immerse myself in educational issues, and grow both professionally and personally. My time as an ambassador has been marked with exciting traveling opportunities, such as the Summer Student Leadership Conferences in Orlando and Washington D.C. There have also been scholarships to attend informative workshops on interesting topics, such as special education and urban schools. All of these events have included chances to form relationships with preservice educators like myself from campuses all over New Jersey. Being an ambassador has increased my confidence and helped prepare me to make the transition from a college student to a full-time NJEA member and teacher.” – Deanna Kollar, Rowan University

img_6795“Being an ambassador has opened new doors for me and exposed me to opportunities that I would have never known existed. I am very grateful for the people I met along the way and the professional development I have gained; for instance, at the leadership retreat, I was able to connect with other ambassadors, step out of my comfort zone, and learn more about my future as an educator. I have learned so much more about educational topics and policies and became a better person and future educator from this experience. I am excited to keep growing with NJSEA.” – Sandra Perls, Rowan University

“When the ambassador program jump-started, I was not chosen to represent my school. Rather than taking it as a failure, I rose to prove I was worthy. Becoming an ambassador was a reward to myself as well as a lesson. From not being chosen, I rose strong, put in the extra effort, networked to increase membership, attended EVERY event possible, and stepped outside my comfort zone. The tasks set to ambassadors require dedication, creativity, and time – among other requirements. Although, being an ambassador sometimes feels like a thankless job, the reward is seen through our monthly membership updates, the swarm of yellow bags at the AC convention, the successful local chapter events, the Spring Conference, and the attendees of the National Education Association Student Leadership Conference. I realized that I was looking for the reciprocation of appreciation and approval rather than standing on my own two feet and giving myself credit. To be an ambassador is to be strong; it is to believe in yourself and this organization; it is to be the voice for your future students and for your future profession!” – Jessica Quijano, The College of New Jersey

“Without NJSEA, I wouldn’t have had access to as many of the professional development opportunities that being an ambassador offers, such as the Atlantic City convention, events across campuses, and other PD that is typically only for full-time members. I’ve made so many connections with other passionate educators, preservice and full-time alike, which have shown me the strong community education fosters. This is my second year as an active ambassador and first year as the Publications Chair, and it has been one of the most worthwhile experiences of my educational career thus far. NJSEA has given me the tools to become a better educator, peer, and lifelong learner.” – Chelsea Hahn, The College of New Jersey 

img_6600Thinking about joining? Take advantage of all the opportunities available to you as a preservice educator.

​What has being an NJSEA ambassador done for you? Share your thoughts.


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