NJSEA Ambassadors Plan for the Academic Year

As the academic year begins, NJSEA ambassadors are in full swing thinking of ways to improve local chapters and how to be more involved at the state level. See what ambassadors around the state are hoping to accomplish this year.

As a first year ambassador, I hope to learn as much as I can and use my developing leadership skills to make a difference in both my local chapter at Montclair State University and at the state level. I am excited to learn more about the education profession and grow professionally alongside peers that are just as passionate as I am. – Jonathan Feig, Montclair State University

My goal is to give Rowan’s chapter of NJSEA a greater presence on campus and the local community through community service and self-advocacy. Having a stronger presence in the campus and surrounding community will help our chapter and the overall NJSEA organization grow. – Deanna Kollar, Rowan University

As social media chair, my goal for this year is to engage members on a state level and connect with members from all over the state through our social media outlets. I also plan to aid in increasing membership in New Jersey by showing pre-service educators the importance of letting our voice be heard on a state and national level. – Mariah Belber, The College of New Jersey

My hope for this year is to increase member involvement at both the local and state level. There are so many opportunities for our members, and I hope to see the pre-service educators taking advantage of these opportunities by attending events and making our presence well known. As a leader in this organization, my goal is to make sure our pre-service members know all that is offered to them. From making them aware of benefits and opportunities they have access to, such as professional development offered to full-time members and political advocacy events, to being an approachable and knowledgeable leader, I plan to spread information about all our organization provides. – Courtney Earnest, Rider University

As President of the NJSEA chapter at Montclair State University, I plan to hold professional development events on campus that focus on topics regarding to individualized instruction, institutionalized racism, and integrating technology within the curriculum. Institutionalized racism is a topic that was recently brought up in the NEA-SP SLC, and it stuck with a lot of NJSEA members that attended the trip. It’s a topic that sometimes gets overlooked, and I hope to bring it to light on my campus. Within my role as Local Outreach Chair at the state level, I aspire to act as a source of support for the NJSEA members, especially the new faces in our organization, that are in the initial phases of aiding the establishment a chapter or collaborating with already founded chapters to increase their engagement. I hope to be an informative resource for current members and perspective members in these endeavors. – Lian Refol, Montclair State University

I am looking forward to seeing our membership grow at Montclair State University as we become more involved with our campus community. I plan on being as active as possible on my campus to help achieve this. I think the knowledge I gain from being Political Action Chair and having other chairs and ambassadors at the state level in our local organization will aid in Montclair becoming a stronger chapter. By doing this we can spread the word about getting out the vote and speak up about the #STOPedTPA campaign. Furthermore, NJSEA at MSU will be will be very active in volunteer service projects and giving back to the local communities. – Danielle Curry, Montclair State University

NJSEA has pushed for creating new and maintaining old chapters at colleges and universities across New Jersey. My goal is to aid in creating some of the new chapters across the state so more preservice educators can learn and grow through the opportunities NJSEA provides, such as the professional development that’s typically offered to full-time members. My local chapter is Montclair State University, and my goal for my chapter is to increase membership and host events that members across New Jersey can attend to create a feeling of unity and community. We have a very strong leadership group at Montclair, and I know through everyone’s participation we will be able to achieve other leader’s goals and my own. – Allison Plishka, Montclair State University

The NJSEA chapter at Seton Hall is relatively new, so one of my main goals I want to accomplish this year is increasing our membership and become a more well-known and prominent organization on campus. It is more than just a school club. It’s a nationally recognized organization that helps preservice educators grow and develop professionally in so many ways. I want to be able to say I am an ambassador and chapter member of NJSEA and have people automatically know that I am part of a group of dedicated pre-service educators. – Cassidy Burns, Seton Hall University


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