Shout Out: NJSEA Members Extend Reach to National Positions

Left to Right: Mariah Belber (TCNJ) and Marlene Cooper (Rutgers) both appointed to national leadership positions in the NEA. Pictured at the NJEA Urban Education Conference.

Two NJSEA members, Mariah Belber (TCNJ, Social Media Chair for NJSEA) and Marlene Cooper (Rutgers University, NJSEA Ambassador), have accepted national leadership positions in the NEA. Belber has accepted a position for the NEA Student Program Advisory Committee of Student Members. In this position, she will act as liaison to the North East Region of the student program. Belber will also help connect preservice members at local, state, and national levels. Cooper has accepted the position on the NEA Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) Committee. Cooper will take part in working with members across the country to discuss and review LGBTQ+ issues that affect educators and students. Both Belber and Cooper would like to thank NJEA staff and members for the support and encouragement, including the following: Marguerite Schroder, Conswalo Gilbert,  Thomas Hardy, Victoria Lepore, Wendell Steinhauer, Marie Blistan, Sean Spiller, and the NJSEA Executive Committee and leadership team. They are honored to take part in national leadership and excited to start their new roles.


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