How to Become a Substitute in New Jersey

by Mariah Belber, The College of New Jersey

Do you have 60 college credits or more and free weekdays during your summer break or in your next semester schedule? One great way to get more classroom experience and make some extra money is to become a substitute teacher. Here are the steps to become a New Jersey Certified Substitute:

  1. Finish 60 credits or your Associate Degree: Once your grades have been posted, request an official transcript. You will need this for your application process.
  2. Find a School District who will sponsor you: Most school districts will help you go through the process. Just check their Human Resources Website or call to see if they are hiring substitute teachers. You could also go through substitute companies, such as Insight Educational Workforce Solutions or Source4Teachers.
  3. Pay Administrative Fees: Okay, this part isn’t super exciting. Go to The New Jersey Department of Education’s Criminal History Website {} and pay $11.00*.
  4. Get Fingerprinted: Make an appointment with your local IdentoGo to get fingerprinted. {} Fill out the IdentoGo New Jersey Universal Fingerprint Form and pay the $67.45* fee. Make sure you specify you are getting fingerprinted to be a Substitute Teacher – that makes it easy to transfer your Criminal History to other School Districts when you decide to apply in more districts. When it’s time to get fingerprinted, make sure you don’t forget your Photo ID and your form.
  5. Turn your Paperwork in: Put all of your paperwork together, and bring it back to your district. You will need the following:

             Substitute Credential Application
            Notarized Oath of Allegiance Form
            Sealed College Transcript
            Approved Criminal History Status Check
            $125.00* Certificate Fee by Check or Money Payable to The Commissioner of    Education

HOWEVER: If you are already certified (say if you are, for example) subbing during your graduate year and was certified upon undergraduate graduation), you do not need to pay for the abovementioned Certificate Fee. Instead, you will need to supply the school district with your certification identification. {}

Time to Wait…
Now you wait for your Certificate to come through. How long it takes will depend on the time of the year. As soon as your district gets notification that you are officially “Sub Certified,” you will get more information from your district on how you can start subbing.

* Don’t worry – you will make this money back once you start substitute teaching. Most districts pay their substitutes between $75-$100 a day.

Good luck with the application process!


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