An important message from Preservice President Jessica Quijano


There are many words to describe the Preservice Program; however this year three will define us:

Share. Care. Prevail.


Somehow, in the revolution of technology, conversations have become short. Although the connections available are limitless, these connections have created limits. Rather than talking to others, a simple text, email, or tweet is now sufficient. How do we get to know the person standing next to us and all of their dimensions when we only look to see the them two dimensionally?
This year the Preservice is going back to the foundation of talking and listening to people. We feel it is the essence of a strong foundation; if we fail to listen then we fail to provide our members with what they need. To listen, we have to provide avenues for members to speak. In sharing our individual stories, we hope to connect with our colleagues on a personal level. We hope to change the climate from isolation to collaboration, from working alone in our classroom to laughing with each other in the break room.
It is time to share our hopes and fears, to share our stories, and share in the opportunities to make the dreams of our students limitless.


When we share stories, we learn about the passions of those who surround us. When we listen, we show we care. The Preservice Program is privileged to be statewide as we have the potential to impact a wider range of areas. Community Outreach is not only a pillar of what we stand for but it is a priority.
The communities that we reside in, the communities that we go to school in, the communities that we teach in are only as strong of a force as their weakest link. The weakest link to any community are those who remain inactive and who are inattentive to the needs of those around them. We cannot be one of them. In our classrooms, the baggage that the children bring cannot just be hung up at the door but needs to be addressed because until they are addressed and assisted, learning cannot occur.
This year, the Preservice Program will be active throughout the state. Starting with a school supply drive, 9/11 service project including a school restoration, food drive, and more; The Preservice Program will reach out and prioritize the needs of our state.


Not every fire is easily contained. The political climate in our state is hot and it has the potential to reach scorching temperatures. By stomping the embers of such a fire, we are simply masking a problem that has the potential to reignite at any time. Rather than putting out the fire, let it spark something in you. It is important that we unite as one in supporting what is right and what is aligned with our profession; addressing the needs of ourselves and our students.
This year there will be a gubernatorial election in which the whole state needs to vote. Therefore, the Preservice Program will prevail in informing our peers about the importance of voting. Blaming the politicians is like throwing the water on a campfire. We were the ones that built the campfire, we were the ones who voted for our representatives. This year, we aim to reclaim our voice by voting, and by voting for pro-public education candidates at the state and local level.
We will prevail in standing up for our profession and the strength of candidates going into preparation programs. With the negative spotlight and new demands regarding certification, the number of applications for teacher preparation is dwindling; each year there are more seats left unfilled. Therefore, we aim to prevail and reclaim our aspirations, reclaim the prestige of our accredited programs that we are enrolled in, and reclaim our empty seats by filling them with hopeful aspiring educators who see the strength in unity and know its power.

When we share our stories and our conversations, care and give back to the communities that we are a part of, and prevail from the odds being stacked against us, we will




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